Balloons Over Broadway

If you are a fan of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade you will love this book!  And if you aren’t a fan, you will probably still enjoy it.  I am embarrassed to admit this but our girls still haven’t seen the Macy’s parade due to our Turkey Day travels, but they love reading this book all year long!  (Don’t worry, this year I tivo-ed the parade for us).

This book tells the story of Tony Sarg who designed the original Macy’s parade and how he came to invent the giant balloons we see today.  Much of the art mimics his studio and projects.  My girls love talking about the pictures and what each little piece means.  I love that a non-fiction books encourages such creativity and demonstrates the power of imagination.

Like I said, we actually read this book all year long.  And we were so inspired by it that when focusing on The Very Hungry Caterpillar we made the caterpillar puppet from the book.

Thanksgiving File Folder Games

With Thanksgiving around the corner, here are some festive file folder games we made for the girls.  Both Thanksgiving games focus on math skills.  And I’m grateful once again to my husband, Ed, for making all the clipart for me.

Thanksgiving Pattern Making

Like the name says, this game is about making patterns.  Little ones just learning about patterns, can simply match the pictures onto the pattern strips, while others can continue the pattern with the picture cards on the blank strips.

Download Thanksgiving Patterns File Folder Game

To make the file folder, you want to cut out the grid of pictures to make the card pieces.  I recommend laminating them to help them last longer.  Then glue the pattern strips down on the file folder.

I wanted to have the blank pattern strips too so that the girls could see where to continue the pattern and how many to lay out.  I attached them to the side of the folder using tape so that they could fold in to pack up the game and extend to layout the pattern.

I also added an extra blank one so that the girls could make their own pattern as well.

Turkey Number Game

In this game the girls add the feathers to the turkey body while practicing counting and number recognition.  I used the colorless feathers to act as a guide for where to add the feathers and so that the girls could match the numbers.  And be sure when gluing down the turkey body you only glue in the center so that the wing pieces can slide under the body.

Download Turkey File Folder Game

Once all the feathers are laid out, we practice some simple arithmetic, such as taking away three feathers and seeing how many are left then adding two back to see what it equals.

In addition to black and white wings, we also included a colorless turkey in case you want to have the little ones color their own set.  Instead of a file folder game you can turn this into a craft, coloring the pieces, cutting them out, and gluing them together.

Another option is to use the pieces to make a felt board story.  We sometimes sing a turkey version of 10 Little Indians:

One bright, two bright, three bright feathers,
Four bright, five bright, six bright feathers
Seven bright, eight bright, nine bright feathers,
Ten bright feathers on the turkey


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