Butterfly Fun

I finally have a moment to share some of our activities we did while watching our living butterflies.  With butterflies we seemed to focus on the life cycle of the butterfly and then art activities.

Skills: art, math concepts (pattern making), science, dramatic play
Prep: low
Supplies: tissue paper, construction paper, laminator sleeves or contact paper, magnetic paper, cookie sheets, paper plates, paperfasteners, gluestick, fun foam, clothespin, fun foam decorations, pom pom balls, hot glue gun

Stained glass butterflies

These came out really well!  I just cut up colored tissue paper, but you can even buy pre-cut squares at Michaels.  We were going to make them with contact paper but why buy contact paper when you have an awesome laminator?  🙂  Using the butterfly template included below, I cut out two butterflies from a laminator sleeve (one sleeve makes two copies).  The tissue paper squares will stay on the rough side of the sleeve but the girls still wanted glue so we rubbed a gluestick all over the butterfly.  If you want to add a body, be sure to put that down first so that it will show up on top.  Once the butterfly is covered in tissue paper, then place it in an additional sleeve and run it through the laminator.  Then you can cut out the butterfly and have a pretty stained glass look to hang in the window.

Butterfly template

If you don’t have a laminator, like I mentioned, you can use contact paper.  Just cut out your butterfly, cover the sticky side of one sheet in tissue paper and your body and then place another sheet of contact paper over it.  Press them together and presto!


We practiced making patterns with these butterfly and caterpillar cards.  Originally I was going to make it a file folder game but then I decided to make it a magnetic game for our cookie sheets.  I printed out these cards on magnetic paper.  Then I would start a pattern on their cookie sheet and the girls would finish the pattern.  They are just getting the hang of patterns so we would say the animals as we laid them down to make sure our pattern matched.

Butterfly and Caterpillar Cards

The girls really enjoyed this!  Mia even made her own pattern at the end.  Well, it was all caterpillars, but she was very proud of herself.  🙂

For younger children just learning about patterns, you can print out two copies of the larger pictures and cut the patterns into strips.  Kids can match the pattern strips.  Or you can print out one sheet of patterns and then have them lay down the cards on top of the patterns.

Butterfly/Caterpillar Pattern Strips

Lifecycle Paper Plate

Having watched the stages of a butterfly up close, we made these wheels out of paper plates to remind us of the different stages.  The girls first colored this worksheet.  Then I cut out the pictures and we glued them to the backside of a paper plate.  I cut out a corner of a second paperplate, to make the top piece, connecting the two with a paperfastner and decorating the title.  The girls like spinning the top around.  And I was so proud when Mia looked down at the handout and said “Pupa!”

Life of a Monarch Butterfly worksheet

Pretend Play

In addition to making our paperplate cycles, we also pretended to be caterpillars and butterflies.  The girls favorite stage was being in their pupa or chrysalis, but that was probably because they got to snuggle in their sleeping bags.  🙂

To learn how butterflies eat, we each used a party blower to be our proboscis.  The girls watched the butterflies uncurl theirs around flowers and then did the same with the party blowers.

Fun Foam Butterflies

These are super easy and super cute!  We are actually using them as little gifts with Mother’s Day coming up.  I used the same butterfly template as the stained glass activity, just a smaller size.  I cut the butterflies out of fun foam, then glued the clothespin to the back.  The girls then decorated them with precut fun foam pieces (we used the Art Deco pack from Walmart) and we added pom poms for the body.



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