Different Kinds of Graphs

Since the girls were so into their graphs, I decided to have us just go with it and explore graphs even more.

Our Pizza Graph Display

Our Pizza Graph Display

My goal was to expose the girls to different kinds of graphs since they were interested and to help them see that in math you can say the same thing in many different ways.

As I mentioned before, we graphed what type of pizza our family and friends like to eat.

Our pizza graph

Our pizza graph

We then turned that pictagraph into one using slices of pizza to show how many people prefer which kinds.

Pizza Pictagraph made by Zoe

Pizza Pictagraph made by Zoe

Click here for Pizza Pictagraph Labels & Slices

To help you create your own pizza graph, here are the images I used:

pepperoni pizza
cheese pizza
supreme pizza
Veggie pizza
No pizza


Following that we also colored in a bar graph similar to the pictagraph with pizza slices.  The girls were able to see that each graph made the same shape and gave the same basic information even though they looked a little different.

Bar graph of Pizza Preferences

Bar graph of Pizza Preferences


Of course we had to make pie graph when talking about pizza.  I cut large pizza images into slices and we assembled the slices to make a pizza pie graph showing the different preferences with pizza slices.  To make the slices all fit together, I actually used powerpoint to “slice” the different kinds of pizza into the same size slices (We surveyed 28 people so each pizza–cheese, pepperoni, supreme, etc–was divided into 28 equal sections.)

Pizza Pie Chart made by Mia

Pizza Pie Chart made by Mia

Click here to see how I divided the pizzas into slices

We didn’t do quite as much with the graph we made about what people loved as a baby.

Our Original Lovey Graph

Our Original Lovey Graph

We translated our big graph with people’s pictures into a smaller pictagraph using heart shapes.  I tried to get the girls to make their graph horizontally but they were not going for that.  I did make sheets of hearts, both blank to be colored (like we used) as well as hearts of various colors to use.


Heart Pictagraph showing which comfort items people had as a baby

Heart Pictagraph showing which comfort items people had as a baby

Before they colored it in

Before they colored it in


Click here for sheets of heart shapes

Click here for Comfort Item Survey Labels

I probably wouldn’t have introduced so much graphing so early but since the girls were excited, I was happy to follow their passions.  And I think the idea that the same idea can be expressed in different ways is a great take away that will help them as they move forward in math.




Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater

Like I said, we’ve been doing a nursery rhyme each week.  Recently we learned “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater.”

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater
Had a wife and couldn’t keep her
He put her in a pumpkin shell
And there he kept her safe and well

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

Pumpkin Poem Books

These books were super easy to make.  The girls looked through magazines to find pictures Peter Pumpkin Booksfor each line of the poem.  I used the pumpkin template below to cut out the covers out of orange paper and pages from white.  On the top of each page I wrote a line from the poem and then they found pictures for each line.  Of course, kiddos can also draw their own pictures for each line (that’s what Zoe wanted to do).


Pumpkin Houses

I cut large pumpkins out of orangeP1060208 construction paper and then had the girls create their own pumpkin houses out of them.  I also gave them some rectangles to make doors and windows with.  Zoe had the idea to use some of the leftover children from “The Old Women Who Lived in the Shoe” as Peter and his wife on her pumpkin.


History & What it Means

plain-pumpkin-mdWe also talked about what the rhyme might mean.  People used to think pumpkins would ward off evil spirits (hence jack’o’lanterns).  We talked about how people used to think this a long time ago and maybe that’s why Jack put his wife in a pumpkin–trying to keep her safe from bad spirits.  The girls idea was that Jack couldn’t buy a house so he made a pumpkin a house.

Taste of PumpkinP1060209

Of course we had to taste some pumpkin.  We baked some pumpkin and chocolate bread which was very yummy.




Graphing Fun

Who knew graphing could be so much fun?  Once we started it was hard to get the girls to stop!

The graph that started it all...

The graph that started it all…

Our math program had the girls graph the hair color of family members (we are using Saxon Math kindergarten this year which has worked well since it has limited writing but big concepts).  When we finished Mia asked if we could graph people’s pizza.  I don’t know where the idea came from but it started us on quite a graphing kick.

Our first question was “What is your favorite pizza?”  The girls came up with the choices: cheese, pepperoni, meat & vegetables (Supreme), vegetarian, every pizza (Mia’s pick), and no pizza.

Our pizza graph

Our pizza graph

Click here for our pizza graph labels

To make our graphs we used the profile pictures from our family magnets and sheets of paper taped together (yes, posterboard would work but I’m trying to be more frugal).

Then the girls Skyped with family and friends and asked them their question to graph their responses.

After working on our pizza pictagraph, Zoe wanted to come up with her own question.  Since she loves her lovey, she asked “What was your favorite comfort item when you were a baby?”  Her choices were: lovey, blanket, teddy bear, stuffed animal, doll, or nothing.

Not to be left out, the lovey survey

Not to be left out, the lovey survey

Here are the labels from our Lovey Survey

What I love about this is that the kiddos were making up the questions and then investigating and reporting the results.  They were practicing so many skills!  It was also a great way to connect with family and friends and include them in our learning.

Our graphing madness

Our graphing madness










There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

We have started including a nursery rhyme each week in our school activities.  One of our first was “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.”  We keep the rhyme written up on the wall, do different related activities, and by the end of the week the girls have memorized the poem.oldwoman

 Craft Time

P1060032Our biggest project was making a the shoe.  We actually spread it out over a few days.  I cut the pieces out of posterboard; then the girls painted two pieces.  Once dry, I hot glued the two pieces of boot together and punched out holes to lace.  Then we wove the ribbon through to lace up the boot.  I used wired ribbon so that it would be easier to go through the holes and the bow would stand out.P1060033


Next we made all the Old Woman’s children.  We used this simple template to make many children and then the girls decorated each one.  Then we could put the children inside the boot while reciting the poem.  My advice is to make a few each day so you end up with a bunch without getting burned out.

Click here to download paper doll template

paper doll


Darth Vader! Zoe was so proud of herself for making his black helmet and the panel on his chest.



Shoe Activities

This was also a great time to try out tying shoes.  We didn’t push it too much since the girls actually have very few shoes that tie, but it was still good practice.P1050924

And I had them matching up socks from the laundry basket.  Not really related, but it made sense to me and got the girls in the habit of helping with the laundry.



Coloring Time

And here is the coloring page  from Inkspired Musings that we colored on the first day.


Weather Mapping

Lately we’ve been talking about how different places have different weather (the girls have been very disappointed it’s not snowing here) so I decided to have us map out the weather.

I wanted to keep the map simple, just the general states, so I used this one from nationalatlas.gov (a great site).


Then I used our weather cards to make these stickers.  We have some sticker paper for the printer but we’ve also just used full size labels in the past.

weather stickers

We put out a call on Facebook asking our friends to share photos of what it looked like outside.  With each picture, we added a sticker to our map.  After just a few stickers the girls started noticing patterns with the weather and understanding how the weather was different everywhere.  This is still a work in progress, but thank you so much to all our friends who helped us!

weather map

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