Letter T

Last week we focused on the letter T.  We were going to do this around Thanksgiving but the holidays took over.  But we did it now and the girls had a lot of fun.  They especially loved the Twister game.

T is for Toothpicks

P1010906 For starters we filled in our upper- and lower-case T template with toothpicks.  The girls also made Ts with the toothpicks and you could certainly have the kiddos try to make different shapes and pictures with them.  This also went great with our next toothpick activity.

T template

Graphing ToothpicksP1010381

Since T is for toothpicks we practiced our math skills by sorting, counting, and graphing colored toothpicks.  I used yarn circles (a piece of yarn tied in a loop) to help us separate out the colors.  For each circle then we would count the toothpicks and then color the number of squares on the graph.  I’ll be honest, this took quite a few tries before the girls got the hang of it.  My advice is to start with a relatively small amount of toothpicks, especially if it’s your first time graphing.

P1010905Counting Toothpicks Graph Worksheet

T Twister

P1010838Twister alone is a great T activity but I went ahead and made it more T-focused for us.  I replaced the colored dots with turtles, telescopes, trains, and turkeys.  It also made the game easier for the kiddos to play and with the template you don’t need the actual game to play–you can just tape the pieces to a sheet or the floor.

T Twister

Print out as many copies of the images as you need to make the game board.  Because the girls are small, I folded down the top part so that there were only four rows.  I also mixed up the images instead of following the straight lines of the traditional game board.  This made it easier for the girls to reach the different pictures because there was no way the girls could reach all the way from one side of the board to the other.P1010840

Then print out the page for the spinner.  Cut out the pictures small and tape them to the spinner.  I recommend for both this and the board to use masking tape or painters tape so that it doesn’t stick permanently and ruin your game.

Tricky Turkey

P1010909The girls have really enjoyed the puppets and story cards we have used from Alphabet Stories: Puppets and Pictures that Teach Letter Recognition. We also used the songs and games from the rest of the series of books.

Tricky Turkey Materials

T Book

The girls enjoyed their B book so much that I’ve decided we’ll make one every time we do a letter.  Real photographs are a big hit so we used a combination of pictures we took around the house, activities we’ve done, and ones from special events.  Some of the words in our T book included: tree, tie, turtle, telescope, tricycle, table, and towers.P1010910 touched up
This is the page Mia chose to share with you!

This is the page Mia chose to share with you!

 The Twist and Other T Activities

One of the girls’ favorite T activities was dancing the Twist.  I played songs such as “The Twist,” “Twisting the Night Away,” and “Twist and Shout.”  They loved it!  And now dancing to oldies has become quite the time at our house.

I also tried to have some T meals when we were doing a lot of our activities such as tacos and taquitos.


We also used our magnetic pom poms on the T worksheet for dauber dots.  What I especially like is that the girls make up stories about the picture and the letter while putting the pom poms on it.  This time they talked all about their treasure.

Dot printable


We also do some letter worksheets.  Sometimes we do these together and other times I just put them out for the girls to color if they feel like it.

T printable