The Letter B

Last week we focused on the letter B.  (My plan was to do B when we did Bats but time got away from us so we did it when we talked about our body).  In addition to practicing the letter B, we made it a point to do activities that start with the letter B–beading, beanbags, bubbles, buttoning.

My B Book

I took pictures of the girls while doing different activities that start with the letter B–beading, bubbles, blocks.  We also took pictures of B things around the house such as their Bible, books, and bed.  Using cardstock paper cut in half, ribbon, glue, and crayons we put all the pictures together to make a book.  The girls LOVE reading their B books.  They even had to skype their aunt to read it to her.

B is for Buttons

Using our B template of upper- and lower-case B’s we decorated them with buttons.  We actually used fun foam buttons to make it easier to stick them to page.

Letter B template

Alphabet Puppets

I was so lucky to receive this set of Alphabet resources from a friend and former grade school teacher.  The books might be 30 years old but the alphabet hasn’t changed.  We did the puppet and story cards for B.B. Bunny from Alphabet Stories by Jill M. Coudron.  The girls LOVED it.  After using the story cards to tell the story, I mixed the cards up and had the girls put the cards in order to practice their comprehension.  They also enjoyed singing the songs and playing games with their puppets from Coudron’s Alphabet Puppets.

BB Bunny Activities Sample

I was surprised at how expensive Alphabet Stories is.  While it’s great to get the puppet templates and stories, Alphabet Puppets has suggestions for making your own puppets and lots of activities for each letter.

Lacing Cards

We also did these B lacing cards.  I printed them out on cardstock and just punched holes around the sides.  The girls wanted to make theirs kites so we had to add a very long string to the end of each.  🙂

Large B Template

I also printed out the B on plain paper for the girls to color and decorate.

B is for Breadsticks

This was a tasty treat.  I just used pre-made pizza dough.  We stretched it into the shape of lower-case b’s and then topped them with Italian seasoning and cheese.


Pom Pom Balls

We used our cookie trays and pom pom balls to practice the Bb shape.  I use the Bingo Dauber Alphabet Coloring Pages from dltk.  You could also use Do-a-Dots or Dauber Dots on the page.  The benefit of the magnetic pom pom balls is that you can reuse the same sheets.  The girls also really enjoying picking out different colors and it’s great for their fine motor skills.  The form

B printables

Here are some different worksheets and printables about the letter B.  Some we did together, others I just printed and keep out in their art area if they would like to color them.

Letter B worksheet (from First School)
Letter B mini book
B is for Bible (First School)
Other B is for Bible
Many B activities, printables
Balloon Book


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