Father’s Day Gift

With Father’s Day on Sunday I wanted to share my favorite gift.  We give these to my husband every year, usually with something else since he’s come to expect it (but still enjoys them).  The best part is that it’s sentimental and special while also being something quick and easy.

P1060830Basically I have our girls write an essay about their daddy, which we transcribe onto a picture they painted.  There are lots of sheets floating around pinterest with questions to ask the little ones about their Dad and while I liked the idea, I just didn’t want to do some worksheet or have a checklist.


I found that this way really captures our P1060845daughters’ personalities.  It’s produced such gems as Mia saying, “Daddy is smart because he knows all about we girls and we’re smart, right?”  And my personal favorite from her, “His job is to clean the house.  Mommy sometimes gets to do it and now it’s Daddy’s turn.”


While we do write it in more of a story format, here are some questions and sentence starters we use to help write our essay:

  • How old is Daddy?P1060833
  • What does he look like?
  • What is his favorite food?
  • What is his favorite color?
  • What does Daddy usually wear?
  • Daddy’s job is ________.
  • Daddy is smart because _____.
  • Daddy always tells me _____.
  • I am happy when Daddy ____.
  • I love Daddy because _____.

I bought the frames the first year and keep adding the new pictures each time.  I also keep the old ones behind it in the same frame so that we have all of them together.  It’s fun every year to go back and re-read what they wrote last time.

Busy working on this years paintings

Busy working on this years paintings

Father's Day Gift

We hung them near Ed’s nightstand.  I like to think that he has them there to cheer him up when he’s had a rough day or remind him how much he is loved when he’s heading out to work at 4 am.  Even when things aren’t going perfectly he can remember he is always two little girls’ hero.

“Daddy takes us to the mall to get smoothies. P1060847That’s what he does.  He always tells me stories and plays shenanigans.  He catches fish and lizards for me.  When he does that stuff he teaches us to do it too.  He’s strong.  Daddy is silly and pretty.  He finds lovey for me all by himself.  All by himself he climbs mountains and goes done the hole in the cave ceiling.  I love him because he is so good.  He is good at being a daddy.  He is a good daddy!”   ~Zoe

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