Scissor Practice Printable

I wanted to share these great printables my husband made when the girls were starting to practice cutting.  If your kiddos are like mine, once they started cutting they didn’t want to stop! (including their hair in one unfortunate incident)Scissor practice

These pages gave them a chance to practice holding the scissors correctly, cutting on a straight line, and getting all the way across the paper.  The girls also loved having actual shapes cut out that they could then glue together.P1050899

Click here for Scissor Practice Printable

I trimmed down construction paper and ran that through the printer.  That way they were using paper that was a little sturdier and didn’t tear or bend while they were working with it.






Shamrock Cutting & Pasting

Shamrock cover picOf course the shamrock is perfect for talking about the trinity (just ask St. Patrick) so I wanted to do an activity with the girls.  I couldn’t find one that I really like–many had just the words (which my girls can’t read yet) or I wasn’t fond of the pictures–so I had my husband design this one for us.  During the gluing (I had to do most of the cutting), we talked about what the words and pictures meant and how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (a very hard concept for them) are separate but the same.

Here is the printable: Shamrock Activity

I printed the shamrock pieces on cardstock and then the inner images on regular paper so that it was sturdy but not too heavy.

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