Inaugural Bingo Board

The peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark of our country and on Friday we get to watch it once again.  I personally am excited and will be watching it with my children and friends.  In order to help my children get the most out of the event and keep their attention, I created a bingo board filled with questions whose answers should appear during the Inaugural coverage.

If you prefer, I also listed the questions in a simple worksheet with lines for the answers.  And I made an answer key if you don’t hear the answers or want to check yourself.

Inauguration Bingo Board

Inauguration Worksheet

Answer Key



Desert Bingo

Right now we are studying the desert so I wanted to share the Desert Bingo game we’ve been playing.  The girls really like finding the different plants and animals on the board.  We’ve played just the three of us and with our preschool co-op group.

Click here for Desert Bingo cards

I made 12 different boards with the same 16 pictures.  To call out the different items, I just printed out an extra board that I cut into pieces to draw out of a bag.  And for bingo markers, I just punched out a bunch of circles with my scrapbooking tools.

Other Games

Besides Bingo you can also use the boards to play other desert games.  To first practice their plants and animals, I cut one of the boards into picture cards and had the girls match the cards to their game board.

We’ve also played memory using two boards cut into pieces.  Since I had already cut out two game boards to make them each a set of the picture matching game, we just combined the cards to make a memory game.

In addition to being fun, the game has also been really helpful.  On their nature walk with their dad yesterday, they pointed out a Saguaro and a prickly pear cactus.  That is actually why I included four different kinds of cacti instead of just putting one generic “cactus.”  I wanted the girls to be able to recognize the plants and animals around them so it seems to be working.


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