All About Me Worksheet

To kick-off our “school year” we did these All About Me sheets.  My plan is for the girls to fillP1040758 them out each year so we have a great journal of how they have grown and changed year.   I saw a few different versions online but had Ed make our own.

Download All About Me worksheet

It was great to hear their answers and capture this moment in time.  We also went back and did some of our “I am Special” activities.

All About Me Worksheet

The best answer… Mia saying that when she grows up she’ll be a “ninja princess scientist.”

Feelings Cards

Here are the feelings cards I used for our calendar.  I couldn’t find any free clipart that was appropriate so my husband designed these.  There are cards for happy, sad, embarrassed, surprised, excited, scared, shy, silly, and angry.  Here is the link to the pdf file:

Feelings Cards

In addition to using them on the calendar they could be used on their own to practice identifying different emotions.  Make them as magnets for the refrigerator for children to choose how they are feeling or a matching game or a card they put by their names during the day.  There are lots of options.

There are card sets of both boys and girls and as well as sets with all different skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors.  Our hope was that everyone can find a set they like.  Or you can mix and match to create a multicultural set (great for preschool teachers).


To make life easier for you, you can take a quick look at the different people and emotions below.  When you download all the Feelings Cards set they will all be uniform in size.

Girls Feeling Cards 2
Girls Feeling Cards 1
Girls Feeling Cards 10
Girls Feeling Cards 9
Girls Feeling Cards 6
Girls Feeling Cards 5
Girls Feeling Cards 12
Girls Feeling Cards 11

Girls Feeling Cards 4
Girls Feeling Cards 3
Girls Feeling Cards 8
Girls Feeling Cards 7
Boy Feeling Cards 2
Boy Feeling Cards 1
Boy Feeling Cards 10
Boy Feeling Cards 9
Boy Feeling Cards 6
Boy Feeling Cards 5
Boy Feeling Cards 12
Boy Feeling Cards 11
Boy Feeling Cards 4
Boy Feeling Cards 3
Boy Feeling Cards 8
Boy Feeling Cards 7

Measuring Hands

While talking about our bodies this past week, we did this fun math and science activity, Measuring Hands. We traced the girls hands and used them to make measuring tapes. The goal was to get the girls to start understand concepts such as units of measurements and size comparisons by using something tangible that they could understand like their own hand. I got the idea from activities in the book Science is Simple.

Mia attempting to measure her rocking horse

Ahead of time I traced the girls hands and then used those as templates to make multiple hands out of colored construction paper. I knew I wanted to laminate just the hands to create a strip.  It was a little tricky but I took the 8 1/2 x 11 size laminating pouches and trimmed off the top so that I could connect multiple sheets together.

I taped the sheets together with just a little bit of tape in the middle so that it wouldn’t show up in the strips too much.  And I overlapped the sheets by about 1/2 cm.  To help keep the whole thing together I used a clear glue stick and glued the hands to the bottom laminating sheet.  And sometimes I even used a little glue to keep the top sheets in place.

We made the strips long enough to measure their height and larger items around the house.  I recommend also making a smaller strip of about 3 hands to introduce the concept and measure smaller items like their feet.

Zoe measuring the seat of her rocking horse. This is one time a smaller strip would definitely be useful.


I’m Special Dolls

This was a great way to connect our themes of “I am Special” and Our Bodies.  We got the silhouettes from Michaels craft store.  The girls described themselves to me.  I wrote their words on the people and then they colored them.  I found it interesting to see how the girls thought of themselves, although it was a little difficult to explain adjectives.  This is something I think will be fun to do again in the future every so often to see how their descriptions change and even how their drawings change.

How did Mia describe herself? Smart; strong; brave; beautiful; little; nice; smart; loves, collections, flipping dolphins, seals, and Disneyland; funny; giggles; really strong person.

What did Zoe say about herself? God made me; smart; pretty; funny; beautiful; clever; lovey; good at making things; serious; loves to play with toys.

I also picked up a boy packet for our preschool co-op group.  When my friend Kendra (an awesome mama) led the group, she had the kids draw self-portraits on them as part of our self-awareness activities.


I am Special (and Different from my Sister)

Last week before we went on vacation we spent time talking about how each of us are special.  Every child is special and different, but with identical twins it can be harder to find those differences but even more important.  As part of our self-awareness focus, I really wanted to highlight what each girl likes and how they are different so here are some of the activities we did .  And while I chose this focus because of the girls being twins, really I think the activities are things everyone can do, especially amongst siblings or friends.

We actually kicked off our differences day with the Creation Sculpture from our “God Made Everything” focus.  This was a nice segue from God making everything to God making us and making us each different.  We looked at how our sculptures were different just like how people are.

My Name is…

Part of what makes us special is our name so we decorated these wooden letters I picked up at Michaels.  We then hung their names up on the door of their room to mark their special place.  The girls loved painting their letters, which was a lot like the crosses we made at Easter time.

A great trick we used to help the girls learn to spell their names–besides giving them very short names 🙂 –was to use placemats with their names on them.  Each meal when we put out the placemats, we would point to each letter and spell out their name.  If I forgot, the girls were quick to remind me.  They learned to spell their names very quickly and early on.  While there are lots of personalized placemats out there, you can easily make your own.

Favorite Things–Rank Order

Zoe’s pyramid of favorite things. She chose art as her favorite.

And this is Mia’s pyramid. She chose swimming as her favorite.

This activity came from the additional resources provided by  The Complete Daily Curriculum by Pam Schiller and Pat Phipps.  This book really is great if you are doing activities with your preschoolers at home.  You can find the worksheets here. We colored the pictures and then cut out the cards to put them in order and glue them on the pyramid.

Rank order activities are hard, even adults have trouble with them.  In order to make it easier I would put just two cards out and have Mia or Zoe choose between those two.  I asked “What would you pick if you could only do one thing?”  Their answer went to the top of the line.  Then we compared the card not chosen and a new one.  If the new card was picked, we then put it up against the card before it.  Eventually we were able to get the cards in order of preference and then glued them onto the pyramid.

It was so much fun to see what order the girls put the activities in and what they prefer.  I found the differences in their pyramid fascinating and it gave us a lot to talk about as a family.

Venn Diagram

Alright, this was clearly the teacher in me coming out to have the girls make a venn diagram about themselves.  But it really was fun and interesting.

I just took a large sheet of construction paper and divided it into thirds–one column for Zoe, one of Mia, and the middle one of both Zoe and Mia.  Then we talked about different things to see what they had in common and what was different.  I’ll be honest, it was hard to find the differences.  The girls like a lot of the same things and also are typical three-year-olds who like whatever answer they would hear.  So one would answer and the other would say “Me too.”  But we eventually found things that are different and the same.

I think it would be interesting to do this again later down the road to see how they have changed and grown.


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