Snow White Unit

With two little girls who love princesses it only made sense to incorporate fairy tales into our curriculum this year and since we were doing an apples theme, our first fairy tale theme had to be Snow White.

Of course we started by reading a translation of the original by Brothers Grimm.  We discussed what happened in the story and how it compared to the more popular, Disney versions of the story.  The girls actually preferred some aspects of the original–Mia loved that the evil Queen was forced to wear red hot shoes.

Story Map

I saw some story maps on pinterest that I Snow White story mapliked and to fit our needs.  This has been a great introduction to different literary aspects such as characters and setting.  It also has helped us break down a story, discuss it in more detail, and aid in retelling.  The post-it notes allow us to reuse the same map.  And the pictures the girls draw also help them to draw pictures in their mind of the story, a strategy good readers use.

Kindergarten Story Map

Download story map labels

Felt Dusters and Housecleaning

We made these adorable and easy dusters from Snow White duster craftDisney.  While the original directions called for a wooden spoon, it was actually easier to use a wooden dowel.  We just cut one in half.  Then we folded the red, yellow, and blue pieces of felt lengthwise, wrapped them around the wooden dowel, and attached them with a rubberband.  I added some hot glue to keep it together since the rubber band didn’t seem to be holding it tight enough.  Then we cut the felt into fringe and added the red ribbon.

The best part was that, not only did the girls like the craft, they couldn’t wait to use them to clean the house.  They pretended to be Snow White cleaning the dwarfs’ house.


What is your dwarf name?

This was one of our language arts projects.  I made this printable for the girls where they came up with their dwarf name and drew a picture of them as a dwarf.

Snow White writing

Download Dwarf Name Printable

Our Own Magic Mirrors

Before making our own magic mirrors, we also learned about mirrors in general.  For our science and social studies, we learned a bit about how mirrors worked and their early history.  I based our lesson on the information located here which has many mirror lessons.


We just used cheap hand mirrors.  We covered the handle and edges in ribbon and then the girls glued beads and decorations all around.  Definitely prettier and nicer than the Evil Queen’s mirror.

The ribbon wrapped on the mirror

The ribbon wrapped on the mirror

Busy decorating

Busy decorating

Where We Live

While doing Snow White, we complete these circle books on where we live for social studies.  Maybe it was a bit of a reach but since I used the story to introduce the concept of setting it seemed like a good time to look at our own setting and all the ways we can describe where we live.


For home, city, and earth they drew their own pictures DSCN0584[1]and then for state, country, and continent we just used clipart.  You can certainly trace cups and bowls in order to make your circles, but this was one time that being a scrapbooker definitely paid off.  I just used my circle cutting system (I love Creative Memories!) and it took about two seconds.






Bird Feeders

We noticed that in many different versions, Snow White is kind to animals so we wanted to do the same thing.  We made these easy and messy bird feeders.  We mashed bread into ball and tied it with string.  We covered the ball with peanut butter and then with bird seed.  We hung them outside and watched from a distance as the birds ate from them.

1) The ball of bread tied with string

1) The ball of bread tied with string

3) Adding the birdseed over the peanut butter

3) Adding the birdseed over the peanut butter


2) Adding the peanut butter to the ball

2) Adding the peanut butter to the ball

4) Ready for the birds to enjoy

4) Ready for the birds to enjoy