Spooky Fog Machine Effect

This weekend we finally got up all of our Halloween decorations.  Well, almost all.  It’s never fully done until the big day.  And if you have ever visited us IRL you know that we go all out for Halloween.  Well, my husband goes all out.  He creates his own little mini-haunted house in our front yard.

Part of our front yard set up

Part of our front yard set up

So why am I bragging to you about this?  I wanted to share our cool fog effect because it was super easy and makes the yard super eerie.  Basically you are making the fog cold so that it will float along the ground instead of just billowing up into the air.

How cool does it really look?  You can see a video of our front yard with the fog floating along HERE.  Or scroll down to the bottom of the post.

Materials:  Styrofoam cooler, plastic mesh, adjustable rain gutter extension, duck tape, fog machine with liquid fog, optional paint

All the necessary supplies assembled

All the necessary supplies assembled


Start with the cooler.  It needs to be stryofoam so that you can cut holes in it.  We picked ours up from a convenience store and then painted it gray to camouflage it.  You are going to cut holes in either side to allow the fog to travel through the cooler and cool down.

The cooler cut and painted.

The cooler cut and painted.

Use the plastic mesh to make a tunnel instead.  You want it to be mesh (instead of a more solid material) so that the ice can really cool the fog while leaving a path through which it can go

Plastic mesh to make the the tunnel

Plastic mesh to make the the tunnel

The mesh tunnel placed inside of the cooler.

The mesh tunnel placed inside of the cooler.

Then use the plastic extendable rain gutter to make the outer tubes.  You can pick this up from the hardware store and just cut it in half.

Extendable rain gutter prepped for the project

Extendable rain gutter prepped for the project

Attach a piece of the rain gutter to the holes on either side.  One end will hook onto the fog machine for the fog to enter and then the other piece is where the chilled fog will exit.

With the rain gutters added to each end

With the rain gutters added to each end


The rain gutter attaching to the fog machine

And here is the finished product.  It really is quick and easy to make.  It also is sturdy since we’ve been reusing it each year.

The finished set up

The finished set up

Huge thank you to my friend Kendra who discovered this on the internet and sent it our way.  We’ve tweaked a bit and this is what has worked for us.  Enjoy!

Religious Easter Eggs

P1020337I saw these religious printed plastic eggs on Oriental Trading but I didn’t want to pay for them.  I wouldn’t say they were expensive but once you factor in shipping, they are a lot more than the dollar packs of plastic eggs you can get.  So I made my own.  On some I used paint pens and on others stickers.  All told it took me less than an hour and cost less than half what the others would have been.  Like I said before, I want this Easter to keep the focus on Jesus and this was just one more cute, quick way to do that.


Easter Egg Printable

Easter Egg colors1With the Easter holiday approaching, I’ve really wanted to keep the focus on the true spirit of the holiday, Christ’s resurrection, but I certainly don’t want to toss out our family traditions of Easter egg hunts and baskets.

So, here is one attempt to make our traditions support our faith more.  I had my husband make this printable for us to accompany dying Easter eggs.  The girls colored each section and then we cut the pieces and turned it into a puzzle. (My girls had a very hard time leaving the white section blank).  I laminated the sections to help it last.

Download Easter Egg Colors Printable here



Shamrock Cutting & Pasting

Shamrock cover picOf course the shamrock is perfect for talking about the trinity (just ask St. Patrick) so I wanted to do an activity with the girls.  I couldn’t find one that I really like–many had just the words (which my girls can’t read yet) or I wasn’t fond of the pictures–so I had my husband design this one for us.  During the gluing (I had to do most of the cutting), we talked about what the words and pictures meant and how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (a very hard concept for them) are separate but the same.

Here is the printable: Shamrock Activity

I printed the shamrock pieces on cardstock and then the inner images on regular paper so that it was sturdy but not too heavy.


Lenten Paper Chain

We are doing our Lenten Paper Chain again this year.  I already P1020171posted last year’s but I thought I would go ahead and share again because I changed it up a little bit this year and I like it better.  We still have a message written on every paper link, but after doing our Advent countdown I decided to focus on activities rather than just messages.  I still included some spiritual messages but overall I tried to have us do activities that would bring us closer to God during Lent and support our goal of doing good deeds.

When making the chain I used purple, the color of Lent.  For Sundays I used pink since they are not technically part of Lent and to make it easier to keep track of which day is which.  I tried to keep our schedule in mind when assembling and to mix up the activities and the prayers.

Here are some of our messages:

Activity stripsP1020164

Write a card for a grandparent.
Help Mama around the house.
Tell someone the story of Easter.
Make our Easter garden.
Help feed and walk Hero (our dog).
Bake cookies for a friend.
Do something nice for your sister.
Smile at someone who is having a bad day.
Read a book about Jesus.
Help plant in the garden.
Do an Easter craft.
Read a story from the Bible.
Play with our Stations of the Cross kit.
Do something to brighten a grandparent’s day.
Help to water and weed our garden.
Sing a song to celebrate the Lord.
Take a walk to look at the world God created.

Prayers, Messages, and Sundays

Say a special prayer to Mary.
God loves you so much!
You are God’s little princess!
God made you so you are special!
God made the mountains and the oceans.
Say a special prayer to Jesus.
Say thank you to god for all that we have!
God made the flowers and the trees.
Say a thank you prayer to Jesus for dying on the cross for us.
Be good at church today.
Say a special prayer at church today.
Light a candle for someone at church.

Holy Week

Hosanna!  Wave palms for Jesus!
Say a special prayer tonight at dinner as a family.
Pray the Stations of the Cross.
Tomorrow is Easter!  Celebrate Christ rising!  Alleluia!


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