Jars and Lids

This is another one of those activities that keeps your little ones entertained but is easy for you to put together.  Over the last few weeks I’ve been collecting jars as we empty them (salsa, spaghetti, artichokes, you name it).  Once I’ve had a few of various sizes, I shared my collection with the girls.  They had a great time practicing screwing the lids on and off as well as trying to match the lids to the correct jar.  In addition to building spatial skills, the girls loved that they got to be “grownups” and use real jars.

Before giving the jars to the kids, you do need to be sure that they understand that these are real jars made of real glass.  Our rule was that this was a sit down game.  As soon as they weren’t focused on the activity, the jars got packed up to prevent them for being taken around the house.

What other things do I collect to reuse?  Paper towel rolls, egg cartons, packing paper, and baby food jars (when the girls were eating it) are all things I like to stash away in the hopes of recycling into crafts.

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