Setting our butterflies free

We set our butterflies free just the other day!  The girls and I were all a little sad to see them go.  I was also a little surprised at how hard it was to get them to go free–they just wouldn’t fly out of their home at first.  Here is a picture of the girls saying good-bye.

Overall, this has been a really cool project.  The first morning most of the butterflies had hatched from their chrysalis (4 of the 5), the girls stood there talking to them all morning.  They introduced themselves and would sing songs to the butterflies.  It was so cute!  They loved just watching them, which really helped two rambunctious little girls practice being calm and still and observant.

In case you missed it in the Live Caterpillar Fun post, our butterflies first arrived as tiny caterpillars which we ordered through Insect Lore.  They came in a cup with food and a butterfly house as well as directions for feeding and caring for them at each stage.  Five caterpillars were included in the kit; however, one hatched with crumbled wings and didn’t survive very long, which caused the girls to learn even more about the circle of life than originally planned.

In addition to the books we checked out from the library, we really enjoyed Science is Simple. It is the book that gave us the idea to order butterflies and included suggestions for discussion and activities.


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