Swat the Bug Alphabet Game

When I came across these cute flyswatters at the dollar store (2 for $1), I got the idea for an alphabet game.  Luckily my awesome husband was willing to design it for me on the computer.  🙂 They are really cute and work perfectly with all of our bug activities we’ve been doing for springtime.

Bug Alphabet Cards

To keep the girls from getting overwhelmed, we started by laying out just a couple letters at a time and adding to them.  Then I would call out a letter and the girls would smack it with their flyswatters.  They loved it!  Later they played all on their own, swatting circles and calling out the letters.

So far we’ve only played on the floor but you could certainly tape them to a wall.  I also thought it would be fun later on to make a physical dot-to-dot with the letters around the house, having the girls follow the alphabet around or simple words spelled out.  I thought that would be fun for older kids who know their letters better.

For smaller children who do not yet know their letters, they could practice sorting the circles by color or bug, just getting exposed to letters.

I recommend printing them out on cardstock and laminating them so that they remain sturdy.  And while we only have capital letters right now, little does Ed know that I’m hoping he will make lower-case letters soon too.  As soon as we have them I’ll post them.


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