Laundry Day

Having done a ton of laundry today, I was inspired to share some of our laundry/clothing activities we’ve done lately.  I always have big plans of doing the laundry a load at a time as it accrues, but instead I end up doing a big day of laundry each time.  I’ve started looking for ways to get the girls more involved in the process even if it’s just doing a clothing related activity.


While this might be the most obvious to get the girls involved, I will admit that I was a little skeptical about my little girls folding clothes.  But I thought I would give it a try.  We started very simple with washcloths–luckily we have a lot.  Mia and Zoe love it!

We broke it down into very small steps.  A personal goal right now is to work on slowing down and help the girls focus on what they are doing so when showing them the steps I made sure I moved slowly myself and really focused on the task.  First laying out the washcloth flat, then pinching two corners and bring them over to the other two corners.  It’s funny–Mia preferred folding the top corners to the bottom and Zoe the bottom corners to the top.  Then we pinched two corners again and folded them over to the other two corners.  It took them a few tries but they soon had it down and decided to move on to dishtowels.

Button Practice

Buttons are a great way to increase finger strength, dexterity, and control.  But the girls don’t have many outfits with buttons on them so they haven’t had much practice.  While I’m folding, I’ve laid out on the floor a number of my sweaters with big buttons on them and have had the girls practice button them up and then undoing them.  It might sound silly but they had a blast!

Socks, socks, socks

Matching socks is a great activity and actually helps with the folding.  If I know that the girls will be helping, I make sure a bunch of colored socks are in the load so that they are easy to match.

I also let the girls put on Ed and I’s socks.  Now the girls can put on their socks themselves, although they still sometimes have trouble, especially on their smaller pairs.  I think that practicing with our socks really helped them learn how to do it with their own.

Hats on the Head

I got this activity from Math Play and the girls like it.  We balance hats on our head and practice our math by counting how many we can stack up there.  The book also has a cute little poem to go with it, but we only got through it about once before the silliness of the hats took over.


  1. Kendra McDermed says:

    Love it!

  2. Syreeta says:

    This is GREAT! I’m embarrassed that I’ve just started having my 10 year old be involved in his own laundry process. And of course, it’s a struggle, bc he’s just not used to having to do anything like that. At least I’m starting early with my 4 year old. Still struggling there too!

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