“Jesus Loves Me” & Valentines

We did a lot to get ready for Valentine’s Day so I shouldn’t have been surprised when this morning on the actual holiday, the girls wanted to do Valentine’s Day things.  We had the activities from my previous Valentine post, but they wanted something different.  Thinking of the idea of Valentine’s Day, love, I decided to quick go with a Jesus Loves Me theme for today.  We did some quick, easy crafts, and sang the song A LOT.  🙂

Skills: religion, art, music, letter recognition, shape recognition
Prep: low
Supplies: Paper, crayons, glue, ribbon,

We sang “Jesus Loves Me” quite a bit today.  The girls really liked it, especially since they could sing along pretty easily.  You can find lyrics and the tune here.  We also colored mini-books about the song that I found here.

We then made these very easy door decorations that I found at here at DLTK (a great website).  The plan was for Mia and Zoe to color the pieces and add the foam hearts to it.  However, the girls had other ideas.  I had them practice cutting scrap paper with safety scissors while I cut out the craft pieces.  They got so caught up with their scissors and then gluing on the pieces that they refused to do anymore coloring.  Maybe later…  And hopefully yours will look a little brighter and more colorful.

When the girls wake up from their nap, we are doing a heart scavenger hunt that I found here.  I’m having the girls use the hearts they find to make Valentines for each other.

By the way, here is what Mia moved on to after her door hanger, since she just couldn’t get enough pasting paper.  Luckily I had a few things like this on hand so she could keep going.

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