Helpful Tip for Play Kitchens

Helpful Tip:  You know those little cardboard food boxes that come with the plastic food sets?  To help them last longer, cover them in clear packing tape.

I got the idea from a visit to the Children’s Museum of Richmond.  They had done the same thing with all the play food in their kitchen area and as soon as I saw it I thought “Duh!” So I just finished covering all of mine in the thick, clear packing tape.

We got our first set of play food when Santa brought the girls a kitchen set the Christmas before last.  Since they were only 1 1/2 years old, Zoe and Mia immediately tore up the food boxes.  We have since gotten more play food and while the girls don’t tear them up, they sometimes play rough with them.  I have to say that as soon as I started covering the little boxes with clear packing tape they immediately looked new again.  And the few I finished earlier and put out for the girls to play with seem to be holding up much better and feel a lot stronger.

I did learn right away to not point out the tape or the girls would try to pull at it.  When I didn’t say anything, they didn’t notice.  And to keep the job from being tedious, I would just do a few at a time when I had a break and then throw them back in the pile.


  1. Aunt Becky Kuntz says:

    Dear Mrs. E.

    What a great idea this is to pass along! I must admit I would never have thought to cover the play food boxes with clear tape.


  2. I was literally debating if this was worth it or not. Going to get right on this now.

    • You should! It’s been five months and we haven’t lost a box yet! In the past, there were always a few destroyed as soon as the girls got them. 🙂

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