Chinese New Year

I’m just now realizing the problem with a blog like this is that I really need to do activities with the girls before the holiday.  Oh well, I’m learning.  Luckily Chinese New Year, which started last night at midnight, lasts for 15 days.

Skills: geography, social studies, art,
Prep: low

To start we looked at picture from our trip to Virginia to visit family recently and reminisced about our New Year’s Eve celebration with my awesome sister and her family.  The girls had a great time dancing and playing with their cousins and still talk about it.  Then we looked at China on the map and talk about how this is when they celebrate the New Year.  My main goal is just to start exposing them to the idea that people live all over the world with all different ways of living.  You can find great maps through World Atlas.

We made paper lanterns to decorate the house.  The girls painted colored construction paper and then, since they are still too little, I put them together during nap time.  We kept ours very simple, but they could certainly be much more elaborate.  The girls thought they were cool and I think they are so festive that we’ll probably leave them up for the girls’ half-birthday (yes we celebrate those).

Another fun craft project was making dragon masks with the template I got here.

And of course we had Chinese food.  Since we are really focusing on eating healthy food at home (as opposed to going out, take out, or quick to make but bad for you meals) I am making stir-fry from Cook This, Not That–which I love!  I know that it is not the most authentic of meals but maybe next year when the girls are more involved.


  1. Love that cookbook and the others in their series. Great recipes and so much other information. Thanks for reminding me to check it out again–I’ll make something from it this week!

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