Handprint Keepsakes

Writing about our rock mosaics yesterday P1020261reminded me of the handprint keepsakes we made this past Christmas. Mainly because we used the same air-dry clay. I thought I would share them because it took me a long time to find a method I liked, really longer than it should.  I am probably the only person who hadn’t thought of this yet, but just in case you haven’t either, I thought I would share.

I had wanted to make cheap, simple handprints of the girls for a few Christmases. One year we tried the plaster handprint kits as well as some other plaster molds but they took too long to harden or cost too much money.  Salt dough had been suggested but I don’t like the rough texture and cracking of the salt dough.  And I didn’t want to do one of the professional kits.

P1020259Then we came across the Crayola Air-Dry Clay. It worked perfect! We just rolled out a small round section, pressed in the handprints, and let it dry. I wanted them to look homemade so I kept the rough edges.

I liked the white color of the clay but we had the girls paint them to make them more special. And then we sprayed them with a sealant. My only suggestion is to not roll them out too thin.

These are wonderful keepsakes for yourself but also make very special gifts for grandparents.


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