Helping Around the Yard

With spring here we’ve been out in the yard P1020290A Lot, including landscaping and planting new gardens in both the front and back yards.  In order to get the girls more involved when we are doing the yard work, we put them on weed duty.  We filled spray bottles with plain, cheap white vinegar and had the girls spray the yard.  It’s very eco-friendly and you don’t have to worry about little ones getting it on their hands or in their mouths (which tends to happen with little ones, at least with my kiddos).

If you don’t want them killing your other plants or smelling like a dyed Easter egg, then just put water in the bottles and let them water the plants.

This was a great way to have our girls pitch in.   They also helped pull weeds by hand, plant flowers, spread soil, and roll out sod.  As their dad said, “If you don’t like to work hard, you’re in the wrong family.”  And this really is the reason why we wanted the girls to help out.  For most big projects like this, it’s easier to just do it yourself.  But this is how you teach the value of hard work.  I was so proud when Mia said, “We’ll like our yard even more now since we had to work so hard for it.”  I’m a firm believer that if you want your kids to help around the house when they are older, then you need to allow them to help even when they are very young and enthusiastic.   I also think that working together allows you to build a stronger bond with your children.  When pulling weeds together Zoe and I had a chance to have a quiet talk together about some pretty deep things; it was just one of those special moments that can come from working side by side.


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