Foam Animal Pets

foam lizardHave you seen those foam animals on the wire leashes that you can buy at the fair?  (Our county fair is going on right now.)  My husband loves them.  He’ll deny it but he does.  Unfortunately our dog also loves them.  Instead of shelling out the money for a foam animal that our dog might easily destroy, Ed decided that he would make his own.  The girls joined in and we happily added two more pets to our family.

Supplies: foam sheet (for a seat cushion, available at a fabric store), wire hanger, paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, twist tie or rubber band

  1. Draw the body for your animal.  Ed started with a template made of cardstock which he traced onto the foam.  The lizard and the snake both used essentially the same body.  Then cut out the foam body.P1020705
  2. Paint your pet.  The foam will suck up the paint so just know that you will use a lot and it will take awhile to dry.
  3. Once dry, use the twist tie or rubber band to separate out the head.  Add the googly eyes and other decorations.  If you are making a lizard.  Add the pipe cleaner legs–just bend them to leg shape and wrap them onto the body.  We doubled up on the pipe cleaners to make the legs even stronger and next go around will probably use 4 pipe cleaners twisted together to make the legs.
  4. Stretch out the hanger and attach it to the neck piece.  You can also attach the hanger directly to the leg pieces (this is what we’ve done on our second bath of lizards).  Ed cut down the hanger to make it fit the girls’ size.
  5. Enjoy making your new pet walk or slither around!



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