What’s a file folder game?

File folder games are a great way to create fun, inexpensive learning activities for your little ones.  If you aren’t familiar with file folder games already, they are educational games that are usually attached or stored in a file folder.  Because they are so compact, they are easy to store and to keep track of all the pieces.  Typically a FFG includes a pocket for the front to hold any loose pieces and a label for the folder tab.

They are also really cheap to make–most just take a folder, paper, ink, glue, and (if you want the pieces to last) laminator.  And since they are so inexpensive, you really have a chance to be creative.  You can make games for any theme or holiday.  While there are sites to buy file folder games, either already made or to download, there are plenty of sites that offer free file folder games.



But the very best part is that you can use file folder games to teach so many different concepts. Really I’ve seen games for every subject and for such a wide range of ages.

Castle Letter Game

And to kick off your file folder game collection, here is one my husband designed for the girls.  It’s a letter matching game that features both upper- and lowercase letters (uppercase letters are princesses and lowercase letters are dragons).  You can use it to introduce letters, practice letter recognition, or practice letter sounds.

Castle Letters File Folder Game

This morning they found the file folders I was taking pictures of for this post and started playing with them.

The very first file folder game I made for the girls.  They loved matching the dinos.  http://www.filefolderfun.com/Pages/PreschoolColors/DinoEggs.html

From a ladybug math game I made. The spots are velcro for the girls to practice counting and fine motor skills.



  1. The Castle Letters FFG is CUTE! Is there a knight for families with boys? If you could create one that would be GREAT! It doesn’t seem fair to put a dragon, a princess, a castle for female players but no knight to slay the dragon. (Just sayin’, not complaining.) I enjoy finding FFGs with high quality clipart & colors that are FREE. Thank you SO much for posting this.

    • Great idea! I will have my husband make a set with knights too and let you know when it’s posted. Thanks for the suggestion!


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