Manana Iguana

Written by Ann Whitford Paul, this colorful story is a fun, Southwestern adaptation of the story The Little Red Hen.  While I’m not always a fan of retelling stories, this one I really liked.  Iguana and her friends decide to throw a party on Saturday.  Each day Iguana asks her friends, a rabbit, turtle, and snake, to help with a party chore and each day they have a reason why they can’t.  On the day of the party, Iguana explains can’t greet the guests and have it be “their” party since they didn’t do any of the work.  The friends feel so bad that after Iguana goes to sleep they clean up the party mess and make amends.

I really like how my girls could see how upset Iguana was getting.  Every time we read the story, they say “Iguana is getting mad because they aren’t helping.”  What a great message!

I also like that the book introduces Spanish words in a way that is evening to understand.  The days of the week and animals’ names are all in Spanish as well as some other easy words and phrases.  But the English word or a picture is also used so that children can easily see what the word means.  It’s a fun way to expose children to Spanish, whether you want them to learn the actual words or just see that there are other languages out there.

While I focused on Manana Iguana, Ann Whitford Paul actual has quite a few books out:

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