Feelings Cards

Here are the feelings cards I used for our calendar.  I couldn’t find any free clipart that was appropriate so my husband designed these.  There are cards for happy, sad, embarrassed, surprised, excited, scared, shy, silly, and angry.  Here is the link to the pdf file:

Feelings Cards

In addition to using them on the calendar they could be used on their own to practice identifying different emotions.  Make them as magnets for the refrigerator for children to choose how they are feeling or a matching game or a card they put by their names during the day.  There are lots of options.

There are card sets of both boys and girls and as well as sets with all different skin tones, hair colors, and eye colors.  Our hope was that everyone can find a set they like.  Or you can mix and match to create a multicultural set (great for preschool teachers).


To make life easier for you, you can take a quick look at the different people and emotions below.  When you download all the Feelings Cards set they will all be uniform in size.

Girls Feeling Cards 2
Girls Feeling Cards 1
Girls Feeling Cards 10
Girls Feeling Cards 9
Girls Feeling Cards 6
Girls Feeling Cards 5
Girls Feeling Cards 12
Girls Feeling Cards 11

Girls Feeling Cards 4
Girls Feeling Cards 3
Girls Feeling Cards 8
Girls Feeling Cards 7
Boy Feeling Cards 2
Boy Feeling Cards 1
Boy Feeling Cards 10
Boy Feeling Cards 9
Boy Feeling Cards 6
Boy Feeling Cards 5
Boy Feeling Cards 12
Boy Feeling Cards 11
Boy Feeling Cards 4
Boy Feeling Cards 3
Boy Feeling Cards 8
Boy Feeling Cards 7


  1. Kendra McDermed says:

    I love these total going to do this with the kids. Tell your husband I’m a big fan of his art work.


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