Peg Number Boards

I had seen these peg boards both in some Montessori books and on a teaching site and knew that we could make them ourselves for less money and not too much time.  (Of course by “we” I really mean my husband Ed.)  The great thing about the peg boards is that it allows the girls to learn the number symbols and concepts by discovering them on their own.

Supplies: board (1″x6″x6′), golf tees, vinyl numbers, drill, saw, sandpaper, sealant

We decided that the blocks only needed to be an inch high so we got a board that was 1″ and 6″ by 6′.  Ed cut the wood into blocks that were about 5 1/2 by 3 inches and we were able to make 20 blocks.  Next Ed drilled the holes into the bottom and then sanded the blocks down, including softening the edges and corners.

For the numbers, I used my cricut to cut them out of vinyl but you could also purchase a set of numbers to use or paint them on yourself.  Then for the pegs we just used a package of golf tees so that we didn’t have to cut or make any pegs ourselves.

I also covered the blocks in a sealant.  I usually use Mod Podge but this time had another one leftover from a previous project.  My main reason for covering them was to prevent the girls from being able to scratch the numbers off.

The blocks were sitting out on the kitchen table drying when the girls woke up in the morning.  As soon as they saw the blocks, Zoe and Mia climbed into their seats and started playing with them.  They have loved pushing the pegs in and counting as they go.  They are having fun and learning so I would say that these have been a big hit for us.

All told we spent about $10 to make 2 sets of 10 blocks.  Luckily we had most of the supplies already and really only had to purchase the board and golf tees so for us it was far more cost effective to make them ourselves.  And it was all done in an afternoon.  But if you don’t want to make them yourself, here are some sets you could purchase.

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