I’m Special Dolls

This was a great way to connect our themes of “I am Special” and Our Bodies.  We got the silhouettes from Michaels craft store.  The girls described themselves to me.  I wrote their words on the people and then they colored them.  I found it interesting to see how the girls thought of themselves, although it was a little difficult to explain adjectives.  This is something I think will be fun to do again in the future every so often to see how their descriptions change and even how their drawings change.

How did Mia describe herself? Smart; strong; brave; beautiful; little; nice; smart; loves, collections, flipping dolphins, seals, and Disneyland; funny; giggles; really strong person.

What did Zoe say about herself? God made me; smart; pretty; funny; beautiful; clever; lovey; good at making things; serious; loves to play with toys.

I also picked up a boy packet for our preschool co-op group.  When my friend Kendra (an awesome mama) led the group, she had the kids draw self-portraits on them as part of our self-awareness activities.


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