Bad Bug Bite Blues

This has been a very buggy summer.  If you haven’t noticed then you probably haven’t been outside.  We have horrible mosquitoes here right now but it appears that many places are suffering from increased mosquitoes.  So, I thought I would share this super tip we got from a lady in CVS regarding mosquito bites.

That’s right, this tip comes from some random lady who saw us looking for something to relieve the girls’ bug bites while we were back East and she stopped us to share her experiences and recommendations.  She told us to have the girls soak in a bath in epsom salts.  And guess what?  It totally works!  When the girls get bad bug bites, we give them a bath and dump a bunch of epsom salt into the water.  Afterwards the swelling goes down and they itch less (I know because I do it too).

If you aren’t familiar with epsom salts, you can pick them up at any drug store.  They are cheap and tend to be in a cardboard box like a milk container.  They are completely safe, even if they get in your mouth (in fact, some people use epsom salt as a laxative).

Hopefully this brings you some relief!  And thank you to the random lady in CVS!



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