God Made Everything

Earlier this week we focused on how God made everything we see, especially that God made the Earth for us.  Much of our day’s activities were based on First & Favorite Bible Lessons for Preschoolers.  The book does have very clear discussion prompts for you; however, we did vary from it and added to it.

First we brainstormed things that God has created and got to the idea that God made everything, he made the world.  It was fun to see them get so excited listing everything God has made for us.  I especially liked when Ed came home from work that evening and asked them what God made–they answered “You, Daddy!  God made you!”

After that we read the Creation story from their children’s Bible.  We read through it once then we went through an abridged version acting out different things that God created.  We closed our eyes and talked about how it was dark and then opened our eyes to the light.  We twinkled our hands for the stars, felt the ground for the Earth, and blew out for the air.  We moved our arms like waves, plants growing, fish, and then birds.  Finally we made animal noises for the animals and then pointed to ourselves when it came to making humans.

Sing a Song

We then sang the following song courtesy of First & Favorite and sung to the tune of “Old MacDonald”.  In the blanks, have the kids shout out something God made (the shouting things out made this song a favorite now in our house).

Everything God Made Is Good
Everything God made is good.
Let’s give praise to God!
God made everything we see.
Let’s give praise to God!
God made the ____.  God made the ____.
God made the ____, and You and Me.
Everything God made is good.
Let’s give praise to God!

We also sang “He’s God the Whole World in His Hands” and then we even played it over and over to dance to.  There are so many different versions out there.

Coffee Filter Globes

In keeping with the song “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” we made Earths resting in God’s hands.  Based on coffee filter flowers, these were quick, easy, and cute.  We colored the filters with green and blue (washable) markers.  Then we sprayed them with water from a spray bottle.  And just know that you don’t need to color the filters very much.  The girls just colored theirs a little and I worried that it wasn’t enough.  I made one myself and colored it all up just like a globe with continents and oceans.  When we sprayed them, theirs looked awesome and mine turned into a solid turquoise circle.

After our Earths dried we added in the hands of God.  My suggestion is to use a glue stick.  I used regular glue and then it stuck to the hands.

Creation Sculptures

This was another great idea from First & Favorite Bible Lessons for Preschoolers.  We put plaster in a ziplock bag and added water (be sure to check the directions, the first time my water/plaster ratio was off).  The girls were able to mold the plaster until to make their own creation. As they were molding it before the plaster hardened, we talked about how hard it was to create something and how mighty God must be to make the Earth and create so many things.   After the plaster has hardened, decorate the creations with paint or markers.


I’ve been searching for a good globe for us for awhile and finally found one that worked.  A lot of the globes I came across were way too expensive or way too fancy for what we needed.  Anyway, we finally got one just in time for this topic and it fit perfectly.  The girls loved spinning the globe around.  We learned that the oceans are blue and they practiced finding oceans around the Earth.  We also found where we are located and where we have traveled.  I think too often we put off introducing things like a globe to little ones because we think they are too young but really they love it.

World Map Placemats

During our caterpillar theme we colored placemats about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We still use them and the girls loved them so much I decided to have us make more placemats connected to what we learn.  After we decorate them, I run them through the laminator and they hold up really well.  This time we did a world map.  Here is the image we used:



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