Bats at the Ballgame

Since our theme this week is Bats and Baseball, it makes sense to share one of our favorites–Bats at the Ballgame.  The writing is lyrical, the pictures beautiful, and the concept precious.  It’s a favorite in our house!

The girls love baseball (I’m sure their dad’s love of the game has nothing to do with it) so they really enjoyed the entire premise of the story.  The pictures are precious as bats meet at an abandoned fairground to play a game of baseball, the fans hanging upside down in stands, the players wearing little jerseys with their wings poking out.  The story has a great rhythm and goes through all the aspects of a real baseball game–the plays, the outs, the national anthem, seventh inning stretch, even the snacks.  And it really captures the excitement of a game.

Restless wings begin to itch–
excitement’s at a fever pitch.
At last it’s time, and with a sigh,
we hustle out to diamond sky.
Hurry up!  Come one–come all!
We’re off to watch the bats play ball!

The other books–Bats at the Library and Bats at the Beach–don’t let us down either.  We love them both!  Bats at the Library is very sweet as the librarian has left the window open and the bats get a special treat of enjoying the library.  I love that it includes bats as the lead characters in various children’s stories.  It also makes the library a magical place that bats are clamoring to get into.  Who doesn’t love that?


We just picked up Bats at the Beach.  Our family loves bats and the beach so it only made sense.  The girls have enjoyed seeing the bats do all the things that they like to do at the beach.  And who wouldn’t enjoy a book that has lines like, “Bug-mallows toast on slender sticks while cousins do their ocean tricks”?




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