Beach Baby Tip

While looking through our summer pictures, I was reminded of this tip from my sister that has worked great for us.  And while summer is drawing to a close, it’s still beach weather or maybe for next year…  Anyway, my sister’s suggestion for when we go to the beach is to bring a baby pool!

Zoe enjoying the pool at the beach in 2010

We spend a week in the Outer Banks every year and this has worked great for us as well as for our nephews.  When they were tiny it was a great way for them to play in the water without being overwhelmed by waves, especially on rough water days.  Now that they play out in the ocean with us, they still love sitting in the pool to cool off or using the water to build in the sand.  Even my 9-year-old nephew appreciated being able to easily build sand castles with the water.

Mia in the pool in 2012

We just bring a little blow up pool with our stuff.  It’s easy to stuff it in with all of our other stuff and pretty quick to set up.  As soon as we get out to the beach we blow it up and then fill it with a few bucketfuls of water.



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