Dragon Wings

I am so impressed with my husband for making these awesome dragon wings for the girls!  He actually made them a few weeks ago but I’ve been reluctant to post them since I really had nothing to do with the process.  All on his own, Ed researched how to make them, designed them, bought the materials, cut out everything, put them together, and even did the sewing.  it was actually the first time he had ever sewed so I did get the sewing machine all set up and showed him how to do that.

But I really think that they are just too cool to not share with everyone.  I mean, who doesn’t want dragon wings?

So here are the directions for making your own awesome dragon wings…

  • Posterboard to make a template
  • Felt, I think we used about 1/2 yard on each set of wings, you will be cutting out two sets of wings to make one pair
  • Heat’N’Bond Iron-On Adhesive Ultrahold
  • Wire hangers (we used about 1 1/2 to make one set of wings)
  • Elastic (white, 1/2 inch wide)
  • Decorative fabric for the inner part of the wings (optional)
  • Draw your wings on the posterboard to make your template.  Our wings are 28″ at their widest point.  Be sure to leave a bit of a bar between the two wings to go across the back.
  • Trace the wings onto felt and then cut them out.  You will actually need 2 sets of wings cut from the felt that you will attach together with the Heat’N’Bond Iron-On Adhesive.  Instead of cutting each one out and then trying to carefully stack the layers, Ed would cut the fabric after it was attached to the previous layer.  So for instance, after cutting the wings out of the felt, he ironed those wings to the Heat’N’Bond Iron-On Adhesive.  After ironing it on, then he cut the wing shape out of the Heat’N’Bond following the felt wing lines.
  • Unwind the wire hanger and bend it to make the wing frame.  The hanger only went along the top line of the wings.  Then cut the other hanger into some straight bits to be the “ribs” in the wings.  We did 2 ribs on each wing.
  • Pull off the back piece of the adhesive and lay all the wire pieces onto the adhesive fabric.  Then put the felt over that to make the second felt layer for the wings and press it firmly together.  After attaching the felt, cut it out in shape of the wings.
  • Now is the time to add the extra fabric to give the look of “scales.”  We used gold quilted material for the inner side of the wings and then on the outer part we used some purple/silver scale material.  Using the posterboard template make a new template for the inner part of the wings.  Trace that on the fabrics you have chosen.  To attach the decorative pieces Ed used the adhesive material again.
  • Once all of the pieces were together, Ed sewed the wings together to make them even sturdier.  He sewed along the outer edge of the entire wing piece, then sewed along the edge of the inner wing pieces and sewed lines on either side of the ribs.
  • To reinforce the middle band since that holds the wings together and is a pretty small piece, Ed added an extra piece of the gold fabric on the inner side.  This way there was just one more more layer making it even stronger.
  • Finally he sewed the elastic straps on.  We measured the wings on the girls and found a size that seemed comfortable on them.

Ed working hard making the wings 🙂


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