Color Game

During our big clean up I came across this flower game that the girls used to love when they were first learning their colors.  It was actually one of the first games I ever made for them.

Click here for the template

I actually only printed out pages 2-5 and 10-13; then cut out the flowers.  I also cut out the inner circles in the second set and laminated all of them.  This created a little

Showing the window on the second set

window so that the girls could lay the second set over the first to find the matching

flower.  That was actually one of their favorite parts of the game–laying them over the wrong ones and say “No” and then moving it to the next one.

I can’t remember exactly when we started playing with the flowers.  I know it was before they were two.  We started with just a few and would say the colors while the girls matched them, developing visual discrimination and fine motor skills.  Eventually the girls would say the colors themselves and use all the flowers.


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