If you haven’t seen them, Do-A-Dots are markers/paint pens in a bottle with a sponge top that you use to make dots.  Or as my smarty pants sister pointed out, they are bingo markers.  I saw them awhile back at Michaels but have always been reluctant to get them because I wasn’t sure if they were worth it.  Would they be fun?  Are they really worth it?

After hemming and hawing, I realized the other day at the store that this was really a very silly thing to be debating so fiercely with myself.  After all, it’s not like we don’t like buying art supplies in our family.  So we picked up the bright set and one of the books…

And we love them!  They really are great.  We love to paint but sometimes I just don’t feel like getting out all of the stuff or we just don’t have the time to really do it.  These are quick, clean, and fun!  I highly recommend them!

They have all kinds of books filled with pictures to paint–from letters and numbers to animals or trucks.  Don’t want to buy one of the picture books?  You can find great printouts from dltk here.

We’ll still use our magnetic pom poms and cookie sheets to do some pictures and letter activities but we also will enjoy our Do-A-dots when we need a quick art project to break up the day.

So while you might not obsess over craft supplies like I do, if you have been wondering about those dot pens, the answer is yes, they are fun and worth it!


  1. We love Do a Dots at the library! We use them for all kinds of programs! What a great recommendation.


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