Daddies Do It Different

With Father’s Day coming up, I thought that this was a great book to share since it’s perfect for dads and daughters to read together.  In his fun-loving picture book Alan Lawrence Sitmore celebrates how dads do things a little differently than moms.  In the story, a little girl explains what her mom does in a variety of instances.  She then says “But daddies do it different” and describes what her daddy does in the same situation.  One of our favorites, because it is so true for us, is when she says,

“At the market, Mommy straps me into the cart, reads lots of different labels, and uses coupons to save our family money.  But daddies do if different.  He gobbles down free samples, drives our shopping cart like a race car, and puts bananas up his nose to try to make me laugh.”

One thing I really liked is how positive the book is.  Despite doing things differently, both the mom and dad are both shown in a good light.  And at the end of the story, they say good night and love their daughter exactly the same.

We also enjoyed how funny the story is.  All four of us–dad, mom, and the girls–all laughed out loud during it and have continued to enjoy it every time we read it together.  After all, it’s funny because it’s true–at least in our family.  🙂 

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