The Big Clean Out

So I haven’t posted in quite awhile…  our home just went through an unexpected overhaul with LOTS of cleaning out, new furniture, and rearranging.  We’ve gotten rid of all kinds of things, moved in new furniture, and even switched the girls to “big kid” twin beds (thanks Lauri!)  It feels so good to get it done but it has been quite a project and definitely overwhelming at times.  I’m so happy to have things settle back down to normal.

While this has been a big project, one thing I’ve really enjoyed seeing is how involved the girls have been.  When Ed was building furniture, the girls get out their play tool sets and “build” too.  They loved helping out, whether it was using the screwdriver or picking out the hardware he needed next.  This is one of my favorite pictures…Mia was worried about Ed being on the ladder when he was changing out our fan, so she wanted to hold onto him so he didn’t fall.

We actually had to drive up to Phoenix two days in a row to pick up our new furniture.  On the second day the girls thought Ed had left without us and kept crying “I want to go get our new furniture too!”  It sounds silly but I really like the fact that the girls are proud of our home and feel like it truly is “our” home.  Considering that at the time most of the new furniture was for our bedroom and not for them, I was also proud that they could be happy for Ed and I and not just think about what was in it for themselves.

Even though they couldn’t really help much with the cleaning out (they would want to keep everything) they could help with the cleaning up.  We’re still working on sweeping, but they have started helping to dust and vacuum.  Their favorite job is washing the dishes–they beg to do it.  Considering we have a dishwasher and they aren’t the most thorough, I wouldn’t say that they are really cleaning the dishes.  But I really like the fact that they want to help and be involved (and it keeps them occupied while I clean up the rest of the kitchen).  I can’t get mad at them for not doing chores and helping out around the house when they are older, if I never give them a chance to learn how when they are younger.

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